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Internationalization of your business

Minimum hours of the service

Personal guidance

5 h

Online materials

1 h


We are a five person team of experts in internationalization, business and finance. We have wide experience from European and Asian markets. We offer a straightforward, concrete service package to help you develop and deploy your product or service to international markets. Alternatively you may bring business from abroad to Finland.

The service package step by step:

  • Initial meeting, joined by those of our experts who have the best knowledge related to your field of business.
  • Development and internationalization workshop, the content of which we prepare based on the information we received at the initial meeting and gathered from other sources. In the workshop, we will explain our analysis and outline concrete measures to advance your business.
  • After a suitable time, follow-up call, where the progress already made, and possible next steps are reviewed.
  • Feedback meeting, where we go over all the issues once more, any follow-up actions you may have decided.

In addition to the tailored advice to you, we also provide material you can use and study online during the service. For us the most important thing is that you get concrete benefit!

Destinations can be the EU (especially German-speaking) market, the markets of East and Southeast Asian countries, and the rest of the world.

Process during which:

a) We identify your company's products that could be in demand in the target market, and plan appropriate measures or

b) We will find out the suitability of the product you have already chosen for a selected market, and define your necessary internationalization steps to take.

Practical things can be e.g.: Search for a distributor or other partner, market survey, competitor survey, make specifications for localization of marketing material or web page into the language and culture of the target country, web shop opportunities, planning negotiation strategy and tactics, taking cultural aspects into account, organizing negotiations and interpreting, etc.


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