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Digitalization and digital business

Minimum hours

Individual guidance

5 h

Online materials

1 h


We are a team of experts in business, internationalization and finance who also have wide experience in European and Asian markets. We offer a straightforward service package in which the possibilities of digital technology for your product or service are clarified with you.

You will get an intensive personal service package, tailored just for your needs.

We are also very multilingual, which is useful for example when planning for international online commerce.

Service package step by step:

1. Initial meeting with our experts who have the best knowledge related to your business.

2. A workshop with you. The topic is the digitalization of business and business processes. The workshop content will be prepared based on the information we received at the initial meeting and gathered from other sources. In the workshop, we explain our analysis and outline concrete measures, not theory. Depending on your business model or product, this could be, for example: Digital enterprise planning. Automating routines partially or completely with the help of digital technology. Customer service paths. Accessibility online. Communication online. Web page specifications and updates. Planning the visual digital online image for your business.

3. After a suitable time, follow-up call where the progress already made, and possible next steps are reviewed.

4. Feedback meeting where we go over all the issues once more, any follow-up actions you may have decided.

We can allocate working hours flexibly according to need. Also there is an online platform available, helping us to learn, collect information and brainstorm together.


Juho Rissanen tel 0469514133 email [email protected]