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Hands-on Sales and Marketing - Speed-up Your Business!

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Individual coaching 7 t
Group coaching 0 t
Web materials 0 t
Peer group actions 0 t


Marketing and sales: Service is based in both sales and marketing on a concept created by Doama Solutions Ltd. We will build together a “5-5-5” model for your company to support sales or marketing depending on your preferences.

Hands-on sales concept consists of following components:

  1. listing potential customers / customer groups (5 pcs) in addition their contact information: company name, decision maker’s name, email address and mobile number
  2. writing together sales message / email template
  3. planning together possible sales call script
  4. planning together sales process and scheduling the sales work

Base for the model: 5 customers, 5 sales emails sent, 5 sales calls.

By selecting us you get: A list of customers with all essential contact information. The listing can be used as data for a CRM-system to develop sales. Additionally, you get a clear sales message you can use every day. You will learn a systematic way to do sales and grow your business.

Hands-on sales concept consists of following components:

  1. crystallizing you key messages
  2. identifying / naming key customer groups (up to 5 pcs)
  3. selecting the best marketing channels according to your customers / customer groups
  4. creating together a marketing plan

Base for the model: 5 customer groups, 5 different messages, 5 marketing actions in selected channels.

By selecting us you get: Up to five identified and named customer groups to whom you can easily create content and continue with marketing activities. You will also get a model for a social media campaign to support your growth. Additionally, you will get a marketing plan to use in everyday work.

The service will be divided in 2-3 web meetings according to customer preferences.


Juho Ikonen, tel. 043 824 2290, [email protected]