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OBN Business Engine


Koulutusmuoto: Yksilöohjaus
Kieli: englanti

Marketing and sales

Minimum hours included

Personal guidance 16 h
Group guidance 0 h
Online materials 0 h
Peer group activities 0 h



The content of the service is an analysis of current sales and marketing, e.g. sales figures and company profitability. Evaluation, what could be improved and what actions need to be performed to achieve the desired goals. Topics (selectively) that can be covered can be e.g. customer segmentation, competitor analysis, sales and marketing partners, brand development, marketing communication, productization of products or services (marketing scope) and how customers are concretely approached as part of sales process. A compact action plan will be co-developed with client as a result of the service. If necessary, sales calculations can also be prepared.

The work is done together with the client, but both parties will also work independently. Some “homework” can also be given to the client. The way of working has a strong sparring approach and the aim is also that the entrepreneur’s skills are developed during the service development.

We spend enough time on the project and thus we target to ensure that the entrepreneur really benefits from the use of our expertise. We do not believe in quick advice, but in genuine interaction and open coaching-like discussions. Often the implementation includes 2-4 meetings, each lasting 1-3 hours. In addition to this, our work includes preparations and other required work. For example, commenting and developing a business plan or other documents. Business Engine's experts have been helping to establish or ramp-up about 1,000 Finnish companies. We have implemented various marketing and sales development projects in several dozen different industries across Finland, for both small and larger companies.


Mikko Pesonen, Unit Manager, Business Engine, [email protected], 044 0321 297