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Business processes and financing

Minimum hours of the service

Personal guidance

6 h

Business processes and finance – better results together with an experienced expert


The aim of business process development is to improve your company's ability to respond to your customers ' needs, to rapidly changing markets, to renew your business and improve your profitability.

As an entrepreneur, you can use the knowledge and skills of an experienced expert. Markinvest's expert has the necessary knowledge and experience for an SME or start-up entrepreneur who needs guidance and support in growing and developing their business.

The guidance and support of an expert can concern, among other things, the development of a business strategy, improvement of operating models, streamlining of processes, cost management and financing planning.

Useful for SMEs or start-up entrepreneurs

1. Getting to know each other and identifying development needs.

2. Selection of key development needs and setting targets.

3. Preliminary work and concrete measures to promote business and, if necessary, presentation of financing options.

4. Results and next steps in development.

5. Online support. Markinvest doesn't leave entrepreneur alone!


An entrepreneur understands another entrepreneur better. There is strength in cooperation.


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Pekka Peltonen, 040 900 0322, [email protected]