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Marketing and sales

Minimum hours of the service

Personal guidance

8 h


Marketing and sales

The importance and role of sales and marketing cannot be overstated. The sale will bring in the entire pot of money from which the company's expenses such as salaries are paid. Sales and marketing are built on the customer's needs, purchasing process and purchasing behaviour.


We start with an analysis of the current situation. Analysis forms a strong foundation on which is possible to build your successful marketing. In the analysis, we will find out the thoughts you concern, development needs and opportunities.


We find, present and implement the best means to achieve the goal of the service.


At the end of the service, we will prepare you a checklist of agreed sales and marketing goals and measures. 


Key issues to consider from the point of view of marketing and sales include:

Target 1-2 years ahead:

  • growth, profitability, cooperation, whether I work alone or together and with whom
  • what I get from the network
  • how I use my time to cope

What I sell:

  • what I sell, what is the benefit to the customer (value proposition)
  • how to get more sales / customers
  • how to price, how to resource sales

Who do I sell to:

  • who I sell to, where the customer buys
  • what the customer buys, how I can charm the customer / get to buy
  • where the customer looks for information, communication channels

How to sell:

  • how I sell, how I make a permanent customer and sell more
  • how to prepare for customer contact
  • what to highlight in product and service presentation
  • what are objections and how to deal with them

Action plan

  • goal, what I do, when I do, how I do and how I follow


Markinvest does not leave an entrepreneur alone!

At the end of the service, we will prepare you a checklist of agreed sales and marketing targets and measures.




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