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Startup Refugees


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Kieli: englanti

Personal business coaching (in English)

Minimum hours of service

Personal business coaching 4 h
Online material bank 2 h

 We offer

In personal business coaching sessions you can discuss, ponder, and develop your business idea, and get information, tips and tools for developing your business. We can meet face-to-face in Tampere or Lempäälä, or online and in between the sessions you can ask help or simple questions also by email, phone and Whatsapp (in Ukrainian and Russian also in Telegram). 

Do you want to get information, templates or other materials on starting a business in Finland, becoming a light entrepreneur, or on customer centric product development? In our  e-learning platform you can watch videos, read articles and digital guide books, download templates for making financial calculations, a business plan or for various other purposes, and study these topics in your own phase and time as much as you like. You can e.g. make your own project plan or business canvas by using the templates, and get personal feedback from our business advisors.

In addition to these, you can also join our small group coaching or peer group sessions for new entrepreneurs that are organised 1-2 times a month on Fridays when enough people have signed-up. You can join once or as many times as you find useful.

You can choose to participate in all of the services or you can pick up only those that are interesting and useful for you. In the first meeting we will make a personal plan together for you to get forward as an entrepreneur or by employing yourself in another way.

This service and online materials are designed for non-native residents in Finland and are available in English, Finnish, Arabic (only remote meetings), Ukrainian, and Russian.




Kati Lievonen [email protected] 044-237 9572 (English, Finnish), Muntaser Al Hamad [email protected] 044 236 3354‬ (Arabic), Oleksiy Kovalenko [email protected] 044 980 7952‬ (Ukrainian, Russian)