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Koulutusmuoto: Monimuoto-ohjaus
Alue: Pirkanmaa
Kieli: englanti

Improve profitability by smart pricing and tax planning

Minimum number of hours used during the training, divided over the following sections

Personal guidance 6 h
Online materials 20 h


Starting a business is challenging, and during the first operating years, issues concerning profitability become the most important development areas. For this challenge, we offer you a comprehensive package on improving profitability, pricing and taxation.

The training includes three (3 * 2 h) interactive personal online guidance meetings. During the training, you will utilise the learning environment Tulosmajakka for the planning and designing of SME operations. It is an easy-to-use online learning environment, which has been created for planning and developing business operations. Tulosmajakka includes calculation templates, guidance videos and written instructions, and you will have free access to it for two years.


  1. Profitability skills - where has the money gone?
    It is good to review and learn to interpret accounting’s monthly reports (profit & loss account and balance sheet) as well as the financial statements that are created later. You will learn how to use the key figures to manage your company towards increased profitability.
  2. Pricing skills - from playing around with numbers to managing them An entrepreneur has various pricing opportunities with different pricing methods. You will learn how the basis of pricing is formed and which pricing methods are best suited for your company. You will acquire knowledge on how discounts should be considered in pricing. You will learn what fixed and variable expenses are, and how value-added tax is added / deducted from the price. You will learn how to calculate discount and loss reserves.
  3. Tax skills - peace with the taxman
    Learn how the result subject to tax is calculated in different forms of companies. You will learn what deductions can be made in tax returns and what legal tax planning methods refer to. You will also acquire information on how an entrepreneur’s personal withdrawals or dividends are taxed.


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