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Businessplan, financial plan and funding

Service provides advice and knowledge to the customer to create a business plan, which is further eligible also when applying for public funding. The service significantly differs from the services provided by the public sector, but how? Business Engine service goes much deeper into the core of the business (and planned services/products) ensuring the quality of the full business plans and calculations. Our aim is that documents are top-quality when the customer is applying for public (or private) funding including banks, Finnvera or TE-services. As references, Business Engine has concluded hundreds of business plan developments and analyses. In addition, team Business Engine has done approx. 600 startup grant evaluations for TE-service Finland-wide. We know what it takes to have a successful TE-service startup grant application and attachments (business plan, calculations). Our service fits well for both traditional and technology/expert domains.

Some examples of the service:
• Selecting the right business plan template
• Guiding and reviewing the business plan creation
• Business idea analysis and development
• Guidance on budgeting and product/service pricing
• R&D specific budget planning guidance (if needed)
• Other financial statements (e.g. equity, debt, cash flow, possible public funding)

Service implementation possibilities:
• Review and analysis of customer materials. Document improvement opportunities
• Finding (and giving guidance) on various needed business planning templates
• Arrange meetings or workshops with customer
• Guide and support business plan writing process

Service deliverables and benefits:
• Concrete and thorough business plan including financial calculations. Can directly be used when applying for funding
• Improved customer’s business skills. The target is not only to consult the customer but to further develop and lead towards mature business
• If a customer decides to apply for TE-service´s startup grant, we guide customer what is the required criteria and what is needed from the business and financial plans. (Note: Business Engine can’t guarantee customer getting the startup grant as the decision is done by TE-services independently)

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