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From business idea to entrepreneurship

Offices: Oriveden Tilitoimisto, Vammalan Tilitoimisto

EK-Tilit Oy is offering individual consulting for entrepreneurs that are going to start a new business. The constitution of the service will be adjusted for the customers individual needs.

Each customer will have a named responsible business advisor. We will together create an individual plan of how to accomplish the service and of the different parts of it. Plan will contain number of the individual meetings, timetable for the service, topics for the service and the actions to be taken during the service. The service will consist of individual meetings but the appointments can also be arranged by Skype or Teams when necessary. Individual consulting can be supplemented with phone calls or advising by e-mail. EK-Tilit Oy is also offering consulting for new entrepreneurs concerning generational changes in the business or corporate acquisitions.

From business idea to entrepreneurship

Founding a company starts with surveying the resources and the present state of the entrepreneur. The aim is to practically found the company. We will evaluate objectively the customer’s possibilities to become employed as an entrepreneur.

  • evaluating the business idea and the chances for entrepreneurship
  • different forms of entrepreneurship
  • support in forming the business plan and evaluating it
  • financial calculations and evaluating the profitable business
  • financing of the new company and entrepreneur’s own income
  • stages in founding a company in practise and registering a company
  • contracts and authorizations of the beginning entrepreneur

    It is possible to start entrepreneurship also by continuing an on-going business. In that case we are specially focusing on customer’s abilities to work as an entrepreneur and the chances to hire work force.

  • consulting services on transfer of ownership or corporate acquisition
  • developing of the part-time entrepreneurship and employment by it
  • franchise-companies
  • joint ventures

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