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Technology and expert-based business development

This service focuses on analysing and developing below-mentioned business areas. Team #Yrittäjyysbuusti at Business Engine have implemented over 80 projects via Business Finland (Tekes), ELY-centre, and universities (e.g. Innovation voucher projects, Product track projects, Tuli and Tutli-projects). In addition, we have concluded 100+ similar projects e.g. for Nokia Bridge -program.

Some examples of the service:
• Technology-based product-, service- and business ideas (e.g. IoT, software, health technology and environment technology)
• Expert-knowledge-based product-, service- and business ideas (e.g. environment, renewable energy, health, exercise and wellness services
• University and research-based ideas. Also for students, training and research staff

Service implementation possibilities:
• Innovation and commercialization analysis
• Guidance on the use of public services (e.g. university innovation units)
• Getting innovation finance (e.g. Business Finland Innovation voucher)
• Make concrete roadmap and action plan on customer’s business development
• Customer (or team) competence and resource analysis

Service implementation possibilities:
• Review and analysis of customer materials. Document improvement opportunities
• Consultant contacting other experts to find the best solutions for going further
• Arrange workshops with customer
• Make concrete roadmap on how to proceed

Service deliverables and benefits:
• Improving customer’s know-how and business knowledge
• Improving customer’s business skills. The target is not only to consult the customer but to further develop and lead towards mature business
• A document for customers for developing the idea further

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