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Entrepreneurship course – learn all areas of how to start a company

There are many different kinds of entrepreneurship; traditional or light entrepreneurship, or you may act in cooperative. Which form of entrepreneurship would suit you best? Customize your own entrepreneurship course – after that you will know!
People who are considering entrepreneurship have different backgrounds: goals, skills and knowledge differ from each other. Valmennusmajakka offers you an opportunity to be involved in a service which helps you accomplish your dreams. You can start at any time. The main thing is that entrepreneurship interests!

This is how the service proceeds

1. You will make an initial mapping to help you identify, market, and sell your own expertise.
2. You will make an entrepreneurial test and get more information about your entrepreneurial skills and weaknesses.
3. You will meet your personal coach. There will be one or more meetings, face to face or online. You, together with your personal coach, will decide how the guidance takes place.
4. You will make a concrete business plan or light entrepreneurship plan for your own business idea.
5. In the end of the course you will get last minute tips before starting up your own business.
A power pack where you go through all the areas of how to start a company
During the training you will make a practical business plan, which is tailor-made for your business idea and yourself. The plan will be made in It is an easy to use practical tool for creating business plans. will be at your disposal free of charge after the training. Therefore, you can continue to develop your business plan whenever needed.

Your business plan consists of the following parts:

• Entrepreneurship and business planning
• Market analysis and report
• Business forms and incorporaton
• Marketing and sales plans, productization
• Business economics and profitability, pricing
• Corporate finance
• Entrepreneur's tax, law and employer knowledge
• Entrepreneur's insurance and social security
• Economic planning

For more information

Jaana Ollilainen
050 555 3351