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Updating of the business plan


Minimum hours of the service

Personal guidance

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Updating of the business plan

In a business plan, key information about business activities, personal competence and future plans are essential. Even though financial statements are still missing, a business plan allows you as a starting entrepreneur to show that your company has the potential for success.


We start with an analysis of the current situation. The analysis forms a strong foundation on which is possible to build your successful business. In the analysis, we will find out the things you concern, development needs and opportunities.


The starting point is in customers choice and the needs and valuations of selected customers: whether we can be clearly better than a competitor, satisfy needs more cost-effectively, or whether we can offer more value to the customer, for which the customer is willing to pay more.


Depending on your company's situation, updating of your business plan service provides guidance, advice or coaching. We find, present and implement the best means to achieve the goal of the service.


At the end of the service, we will prepare a report to help you update your business plan with agreed objectives and measures.


Key issues to consider in updating the business plan include:

  1. short description of the business idea, introduction
  2. own and team competence
  3. SWOT analysis, conclusions, competitive advantages and needs for development
  4. products and services, what and at what price, how much per day
  5. market and competitors, domestic market, internationalization, potential and development prospects
  6. sales and marketing, for whom, marketing channels, how to reach customers
  7. business objectives, growth strategy and growth goal; three years and five steps, concrete goals and measures
  8. Risk Management, which risks you recognize, how you prepare
  9. Financial Management and contracts, accounting, invoicing, finance
  10. calculations
  11. coping as an entrepreneur; how I share my resources – the need for help 


Markinvest doesn't leave entrepreneur alone

Finally, we will prepare a report to help you update your business plan with agreed objectives and measures.



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