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Koulutusmuoto: Monimuoto-ohjaus
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More sales and customers using digital marketing

Minimum number of hours used during the training, divided over the following sections

Personal guidance 4 h
Group coaching 2 h
Online materials 4 h


A modern-day buyer often starts his search for products and services online. Therefore, it is important that you know how to make your own products and services visible online and find your customers.

This training helps you utilise digital marketing tools and provides you with easy-to-understand and concreate advice.  

You will learn to understand how to gain visibility online and how to attract your customers to get to know your products and services. You will learn about the most important social media channels as well as understand the requirements for your company’s website. Above all, you will get valuable information on how to create systematic marketing, which increases the number of customers and with it sales.

The service includes two interactive webinars (2 x 1 hour) and 4 hours of personal guidance. You will receive recordings of the webinars for yourself. During the training, you will create a digital marketing plan for your own company, which will help you to do efficient marketing.



  1. Make your website attractive for customers and Google
    Your company’s website is your most important sales and marketing tool in digital marketing. Learn about what you need to consider in terms of the structure and content. How do you create interesting content, which can be found by search engines and customers, and how do you attract customers to leave their contact details on your website.
  2. Social media channels for effective marketing use
    You will learn to utilise the social media channels your customers use, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and understand what type of content works and how you can create paid advertising in these channels. You will also learn to plan Google Ads to improve your visibility in search engines.


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