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Koulutusmuoto: Monimuoto-ohjaus
Alue: Pirkanmaa
Kieli: englanti

Entrepreneurship course – Learn all areas of how to start a company

Training’s number of hours 46 h

Personal guidance 6 h
Online materials 40 h



There are many kinds of entrepreneurs: internal entrepreneurs, light entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship via invoicing platforms or cooperatives, and actual entrepreneurship. Which type of entrepreneurship would be the best for you?

People considering entrepreneurship have different backgrounds, skills, and objectives. We will help you achieve your dream and develop your entrepreneurial skills. You can start whenever you like. It is enough that entrepreneurship or light entrepreneurship is a topical option for you in the near future.

During the trainign, your professional skills as an entrepreneur will develop and you will create a practical business plan. The plan is created in Tulosmajakka. It is an easy-to-use online learning environment, which has been created for planning and developing business operations. Tulosmajakka includes guidance videos and written instructions, and you will have free access to it for two years.

This is how the service works:

  1. You will carry out an initial mapping of skills, which will help you identify, productize, and sell your skills.
  2. You will complete an entrepreneur test and find out more about your own entrepreneurial readiness, together with your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. You will meet your personal coach. There can be one or several meetings, face-to-face or online. You decide how the guidance takes place. Guidance can also be organised in the evenings.
  4. You will create a concrete and customer-oriented business plan or light entrepreneurship plan for your own business idea.
  5. During the training, you will receive advice and tips for the initial steps of the business operations.



  • Entrepreneurship and planning business operations
  • Market survey
  • Business types and establishing a business
  • Marketing and sales
  • Productization and service design
  • Business economics and profitability, pricing
  • Business financing
  • Entrepreneur’s tax, legal and employer knowledge
  • Insurances and social security for entrepreneurs
  • Financial plan
  • Business risk plan


Jaana Ollilainen tel. 050 555 3351 [email protected]